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  65. Hmmmm?
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  70. any luck getting garage opener to work?
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  73. Video In Motion Coding - No CIC Module
  74. Door Look Beep
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  77. Yellow Bulbs
  78. Mini Official LED
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  81. One touch sunroof module
  82. D1 spec throttle enhancers
  83. Dsc
  84. Remove xenon bulbs
  85. Radar Detector + OBDII
  86. Bluetooth Retrofit
  87. Interference When using backup camera
  88. Remote Coding
  89. BI-Xenon to Halogens
  90. OBD2 Torque Application setting
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  92. Please clarify- simplify!?!
  93. have a question.....
  94. Radio
  95. OBD2 to WiFi (works with iPhone)
  96. Auto Sport Button
  97. Power windows
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  99. Anyone have any luck with H8's in the fogs...
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  103. What are the models of bulbs?
  104. Adding more mood lighting
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  106. R60 Xenon Retrofit project, made some progress
  107. Hardwire USB/GPS/etc.
  108. Power outlet fuse?
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  110. Xenon owners with driving lights
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  113. INPA Cable
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  117. CAN bus hacking
  118. GOMINIGO Pulsar?
  119. Resistors
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  123. Countryman Escort 9500ci Radar Install
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  125. Front turnsignal bulb type?
  126. Plx kiwi vs scangauge for obd gauges?
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  132. Automatic Start
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  136. Flash 2 Pass Install
  137. NCSExpert
  138. OBD / Onboard Computer reading/resets
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  141. Moving the Microphone
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