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Navigation & Audio r56 vRadio selections grayed out display and cd work

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Navigation & Audio r56 vRadio selections grayed out display and cd work

Old 03-02-2019, 02:45 PM
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r56 vRadio selections grayed out display and cd work

Ok hive mind, i come to you and your great wisdom and experience after searching the forums and internet. I can never find something matching my issue fully or mostly fully.

I have a 2007 cooper s R56 hatchback and have a really weird issue. About 2 weeks ago the Sat stopped receiving a signal and then the Sat selection grayed out. FM/AM/CD/Aux worked.

Yesterday when i was driving the FM stopped working and all but the SAT the selections were yellow, so i could switch to either fm/am/cd/aux. FM/AM selection yellow but no AUDIO, CD/AUX selection yellow plays with AUDIO. i could switch to other menu setting functions in menus like information, settings, tires ect... The only AUDIO selection that worked was the CD/aux.

After turning the car off and overnight the only thing that is NOT grayed out that works and that i can select is the CD/aux. The cd plays and sound is great, the Aux.. well that was never the best but it plays. The display is very dim and shows all AUDIO, besides CD/AUX, Items are grayed and un-selectable.

When the SAT went out i thought it might have been the sat tuner that was bad and it is often reported as such by others, but when the fm/am died yesterday I'm thinking something else. The fuses and such look good, all connection on radio back are good. Big pain to get to and see but they are on tight. So ANY ideas of what it might be that i can look at or is a common issue? Ease of repair if its not the radio head? Something common or issues that my point to something? I'm a little fuzzy on the whole antenna thing. Are the FM/am and SAT antennas separate with separate modules ore something or on the same Module/connection but different circuits in system?

On a similar note the NAV DVD player died long ago but i have another head unit. Id the DVD player replaceable without having to swap heads?

Thanks for any info or assistance you may have.
Old 04-01-2019, 11:31 AM
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Update. Ive had the car for a few years now but Im a complete noob when it comes to how some engineer put this thing together.. Why a MOST Ring and modules in series and Not a CAN with nodes, is beyond me. Still not working still need help.

I see a lot of folks have looked at the post but no answers yest. I've been tinkering around with the systems using all the information i could gather and tried a few things. I had some spare fibre optic (FO) loopback cables from work which needed to be modified, and I had a spare CCC-Ask head from another car. The head inst programmed for all my features, only 1, so i knew it would need programming at some point.

As mentioned above, I have 07 R56 S with CCCM-ASK with FM/AM, HD radio (IBOC N48) Nav/DVD, CD, AUX all in head on the CCCM Unit with Modules for ULF-SBX (-x?) Bluetooth (BT) /Voice, SDARS (Sat )and AUX. There is an AMP on the left(Driver side) rear boot (not HK) Other functions like FTM operate through the interface Display and some other non relevant stuff settings .

Issue: The SDARs started the blanking out (Seeking signal) losing connectivity one day then two days later just crapped out. The FM/AM, HD radio, ULF (Bluetooth, and Voice? not sure if its the SBX or SBX-H Yet), still worked but then died about two weeks later. which was odd since i should still have FM/AM. The selections were grayed out but It still plays AUX input, and CD. Which is odd since you should still get FM/AM with crappy reception. Just for the record the NAV DVD is dead and has been for awhile. Im able to select the NAV but keep getting asked for a DVD, so the system knows it has one and can see it but just can't read the DVD. Since its not on the M.O.S.T and not a module inline that is interrupting anything, its not a concern.. And we all know the NAV isnt the best as well as the software is old and costly to update. Its not an Issue as my Phone Nav is better.

First thing to try was using the Spare (Used spare) head. Having tested the spare head a few years back i knew the Unit had NAV, FM/AM ( not HD radio), CD, Aux, and FTM selection options which worked along with settings for PDC , which my car doesnt have. It was missing selection and settings for Bluetooth/Voice, SAT and HD Radio as expected. When i pulled the CCCM head out i forgot about checking for the tell-tail light on the large connector FO port number 1 (metioning later)

Plugging the used head in, I get Selections for FM/AM, Nav/DVD, CD and Aux grayed out. Aux should work? Or it shouldn't since its part of or dependent on the ULF module?

What did work on the CCCM.
FM/AM (crappy reception), NAV/DVD, CD. I can play CD and use NAV/DVD.. Yep still 2008 version but gets info from Sat antenna.
Aux Grayed out.

Under settings;
PDC Lit selection and can change off/On,
FTM Grayed out (should since it needs the MOST connection)
Communication not seeing Phone as expected due to Bluetooth
Other Settings not important but work.

Since FM/AM worked on the used Head and Not on original Head, I knew it needed to be Programmed. I contacted mini dealer.. ok several more than 4, and one was helpful. Regardless of programming the First thing was to put the Original back in to verify programmed info or they wouldn't do the work. . Ok so maybe a module on the MOST crapped out, but why is there no FM/AM? According the Min Service the FM wouldn't work if it had HD radio module. I had not been seeing any information contradictory to that but placing the radio back in wouldn't be an issue.

OK put the Original head back in. I did check for the light on the Big connector FO port 1. No light. Ok maybe it was just a Module. Bite the bullet and go to mini.. BTW their free diag is crap and doesn't do anything besides tell you if the head works..ie visible to the car. It doesn't cover the most diag. To figure out why the head doesn't work, You must have the 1.5 hour diag that cost $250.. I question that but when being shown, the car wasn't seeing it. So no cost on basic daig, good/bad news is the FM/Am in he cccm is dead.??

ok. Asked the tech about the FM not working. Answer was its most likely dead as FM SHOULD work even if MOST wasn't reachable. This conflicts with what i was told or untold. Told him about the spare and what worked and what didn't, then Ask if i put the used head in and programming the Used head would work. Answer was it should. Programming is 1.5 hours or $250.. Ok, they are going to get their money. Tried to program and it didn't because it couldn't see the other modules. Out $250 but I guess that's good/bad news.

Ok so trouble shooting the most ring is about $450 just to find the problem, not fix it and not reprogram. Asked about the AUX and FTM. They work -through the MOST ring. Asked about the PDC (parking distance control) was told its programmed in the CCCM from the previous car. after programming it wouldn't be.

Question, if not asked above.
Should the FM/AM work if the MOST connection is down

So, now to trouble shoot the most ring. This should be easy right? I have FO tools, and bypass loops.

using this diagram https://www.northamericanmotoring.co...t-success.html post #13.
Which Direction is the communication on the MOST from the CCCM unit. On the CCCM unit is it FO 1 out to l14255 connector to the FO 2 on the ULF box. Or is it the cccm port to through x13696 to port 1 on the SDARS unit?
Is it as easy as disconnecting two ports and using a test light to confirm cable is good?
Would Using a bypass loop at each module work? to test each module?

Any help or info would be appreciated.

In this image. Which side goes to the CCCM plug

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