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How to change cabin air filter

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Old 01-08-2018, 12:08 PM
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How to change cabin air filter

Found this on another forum.

Here is the basic procedure and some photos. ~10 minute job.

Tools needed: Flashlight, Torx head screwdriver with T-20 bit, towel or knee pads.
Parts needed: New filter set - there are two types, one is carbon activated and costs more but it reduces odors.

1) Open passenger door, kneel on ground and find/remove one T-20 screw up high on the center console side panel. Photo 0645 shows location.

2) Carefully pull the side panel away from the center console starting at the bottom and moving counter-clockwise. Once the panel feels loose, pull it straight back toward the seat, (the end closest to the firewall fits into two slots). There is a small light attached to the panel. I did not disconnect it but doing so and getting the panel completely out of the way may help you. Once removed, you can see the filter door with the X-shaped reinforcements all the way forward - snap clip on LH side, hinge on RH side. See photo 0640.

3) Open the door, then remove it by gently moving it up and down until the hinge disconnects from the air conditioning unit. See photos 0642 and 0644. Note the air flow direction shown on the filters - front to back.

4) Pull out the upper filter and then the lower one. You'll need to lift the lower on up then pull it out. Inspect and replace as necessary. See photo 0643. If you have a small wand attachment, there may be some value in attempting to vacuum out any leaves/debris that may have collected in the bottom of the chamber, but be careful not to damage the cooling fins that are on the heat exchanger just rearward of those filters!

5) Reassembly is the opposite of removal. Again, make sure you orient the filters correctly. Make sure the wire bundle that routes low on the unit is clear of where the panel clips will go otherwise you may damage them.

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There are actually 2 filters? Do you have any idea why it is designed this way? Every car that I have owned has had only 1 cabin air filter.

Yep. Two filters

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Old 02-20-2018, 05:39 AM
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Yep, 2 filters. The newer BMWs share the same filter set up, so my guess is they just designed the airboxes on a similar platform.
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