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Voice command, cannot make it work with iPhone...Any help?

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Old 02-20-2008, 01:59 PM
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Voice command, cannot make it work with iPhone...Any help?


Moderator, please feel free to shift/merge this thread if you thing there is already an existing thread.

I have a 2007 MCS that was delivered to me in June 2007. I also have a Iphone with the 1.1.3 version loaded on it. Mini's bluetooth connects to the Iphone fine and is also able to read the phone book but, isn't able to work with the voice command feature on there. I have read in many places in this forum that it works seamlessly for most ppl with an Iphone and was wondering if I am doing smth wrong.

When I have my bluetooth connected and press the voice command button, I get the msg system off. I have to switch off my bluetooth on the phone for this to work...or give me any options.

I did manually put in some voice entries and I can call these entries but, with my bluetooth disconnected.

Can anyone help?
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Old 02-20-2008, 05:55 PM
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Sometimes that happens with my iPhone. Usually deleting it out of the system and the re-pairing it clears it up for me.
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Old 03-04-2008, 05:04 PM
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Works partly

I unpaired and paired it back and now I am able to make calls by manually tagging them. I however, want to be able to make calls without having to enter Manual tags. Can anyone help?
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Old 03-05-2008, 05:25 AM
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From the manual it looks like they have to be manually tagged. If you are going to call "George" you have to program that name in and associate it with a number so you can then just say "Dial name" and then "Mark". The voice recognition isn't really recognition in the mini, more like voice matching. It has to have something to compare too. I spent a few minutes just sitting in the car programing some favorites in to the system. I have had a few times when I wanted to call someone that I haven't saved a voice command for, instead of saying "Dial Mark" (there is no saved command for Mark) I have to dial the number directly via "Dial number" or just use the interface on the radio.

Having referenced the manual, mine is a bit off in the voice commands area. It says to say "Store name" when you actually have to say "Save name". Luckily "help" still works, wonder what else isn't quite right.
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Old 03-05-2008, 10:38 AM
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I think that you do indeed have to program each name into the system manually. Even then, my car has a hard time differentiating "Kim" and "Tim"

I too have noticed the differences between the manual and actual functionality (save instead of store, etc.)
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Old 03-13-2008, 06:05 PM
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I have a June 07 build with bluetooth and Nav and the voice command dial works fine. No need to put in the names manually, when I get in the car, the phonebook is downloaded. I can then voice dial. Once in a while it disconnects, and I need to turn the phone off and on, but that's rare.
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Old 03-14-2008, 05:58 AM
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Perhaps it's the phone then. My iphone does not have a native voice dial function. Perhaps some of you that can do a voice dial without having to store names have phones that can do voice dialing already.

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Old 03-14-2008, 12:52 PM
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I just picked up my new clubman yesterday and after pairing the iphone and calling a person from the phonebook first, I was then able to call them by voice activation with no problem. I am not sure if I had to first call them from the phonebook first or not, I am going to have to test that today.
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Old 03-15-2008, 09:16 PM
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The voice recognition is supposed to be done via the car...

This link MAY be helpful on a few iPhone issues here and there. According to www.wireless4mini.com, the iPhone IS supported by the car...

Here is the link to a few notes from MINI USApairing instructions tech notes, etc.

As far as this issue.... I'd imagine the car computer is having a difficult time understanding the name you are speaking, in relation to how it interprets the text when your phone book is copied.

For example...
The command Dial John is a simple name for the computer to process.

But Dial Frans isn't. The car may think you're saying France...

if you're an AT&T Wireless Customer, you can try this service

"What is VoiceDial?
Call anyone in your address book just by saying their name. Simply dial *8 to activate then say the name or number of your contact. The VoiceDial address book securely stores your contacts so you don't have to worry about losing important numbers."

It's 4.99 a month... you can tell your car to Dial *08. or store that as a speed dial... and then have the AT&T Voice Dial system dial the name for you. THAT is a powerful recognition system... and highly customizable.

It may be a must have for some for some who can't get the voice recognition in the car to work
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