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GP2 #0425 for sale in Florida with real stereo

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Old 02-09-2017, 04:05 PM
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GP2 #0425 for sale in Florida with real stereo

Looks like it's time to let Flynn (aka #0425) move on to a new home. Need to free up some cash and debt for the buy-a-new-house fund, and I need the truck more than a 2 seater....

Offering it up to the GP forum first - no pictures at the moment, gotta get it cleaned up and find some time. But we all know what the GP2 looks like. I'll list this wider once I get a chance to get pictures.

Asking price is $27,000, located near Orlando, Florida.
email me at keen99 @ or PM here on NAM.

build date 2/2013
US roof #0425
global production #1184
vin last 7 - T722195
~26,000 miles
2nd owner (since ~16,000 miles)

Mechanically sound and mechanically/cosmetically stock.

Factory GP2 wheels in excellent condition (16,000 miles) with new but ~2014 low end sumitomo tires. Stored inside and bagged. At asking price, willing to mount/balance tires of your choice if you ship them/bring them to me (have equipment in my shop).

Includes extra roof number sticker, new hood scoop sticker (can install for buyer at request)

Includes all factory suspension adjustment tools.

MINI Warranties - in florida I believe the extended maint and tire transfer to a new owner (they did transfer to me, not sure about #3
5/50k expires mar 30 2018
7/100k extended maint expires mar 30 2020 (that includes brakes and 1 clutch)
5yr tire/wheel warranty expires april 1 2019


Minor PO smoke smell in the interior that I never solved - carpets/seats probably need a good shampoo, but since 90% of my driving has the windows down, it wasn't as much of an issue. No cigarette damage.

Small tear at the bottom of the passenger door panel at the bottom where the door got closed onto something.

Faded hood scoop sticker (new replacement included)

Work done:

Dealer replaced dash cover a few months ago, leather was starting to come loose. (that took months to order, of course...)

Dealer replaced drivers door sill plate, it had come loose.


Complete Integral Audio with sub, modified and tuned to fit the GP2's unique stereo wiring, with RF 3SIXTY.3 DSP for signal combine/split/eq. Minor NCSExpert mods also required, documented changes will be included.

MFSW with working cruise and stereo controls (VO code added)

Thin non-GP JCW steering wheel - factory wheel included or installed at buyers request.

Partial TPMS disable (audible alarms off) - will reset to stock unless buyer requests.

Shorty antenna (PO mod, stock one gone)

cravenspeed dipstick

rubber front/rear floor mats (no hatch mat, it doesnt work with the IA sub cover)

Also available - 99.9% of what would be needed to install rear seats, just missing 2 pieces of metal that have to be cut out of another R56 shell.

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Old 02-09-2017, 06:59 PM
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Good luck with the sale, shouldn't take too long to find a buyer!

If you end up with that original GP steering wheel let me know, I'd be interested in it.
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