3rd Annual MINIs in the Mountains (Aug 6-10, 2008) Another year of high-altitude Motoring fun!

An Official MITM 2008 Thank You!

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MITM3 - THANK YOU! thread

As always, after an event like this, there are some THANK YOU's that need to happen. Among them:

Thank you to Ralph Schomp MINI yet again for your superior support of our event, our club, and the MINI community. You make it possible for this event to happen. Your ambassadors, beginning with Shelley, make our lives better. Your financial support, your PIT STOP service and advice, and your test drives and demos all make our event special.

Thank you to Heather and Nick Martinez (Detailers Paradise)and Richard Lin (ShowCarDetailing) for making a mundane car wash something to treasure, daily. For some reason, many of the best compliments we get are about the wash, the advice, and the help our guests get from you. We are glad you are there.

Thanks to all of our vendors who come to these events and support the community. These include but are not limited to:
  • NorthAmericanMotoring
  • ShowCarDetailing
  • Detailers Paradise
  • American MINI Mates
  • MOTR Minis of the Rockies
  • MINI5280.org and staff
  • CooperCards
  • MINIBeotch
  • Way Motor Works
  • Aesthetic Creations
  • Defenders of Speed
  • Alta MINI Works
  • MINI Mania
  • Evergreen Graphics (graphics and shirts)
  • and more.
Thanks to CMR Copper Mountain Resort, Erin, Becca, Jordan et al.

Thanks to WPR Winter Park Resort, especially Daisy Mills who did it all.

Big thanks to Chuck Maybee and his staff and Shannon Hunter and her volunteers of MINI5280.org. Without them, there is nothing.

The biggest thanks to Rick Gonzales who, tirelessly, attends to the details that make this event work.

And not to forget all of you, as MINI and Mini enthusiasts, who spend your time, money and effort being here. It is special for us when you have fun and say 'thanks'. Please come back, and bring a friend.

See you next year for MITM4 on August 5-9, 2009.

Jonathan Souza


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An Official MITM 2008 Thank You!

I really want to thank the vendors that were able to participate in this year's MITM. You are the best and I really hope that you found the event enjoyable! Thanks so much for the door prizes, products and enlightening discussions.
I really hope to see you back for the 4th annual MITM next year (second week of August). So for myself and all the MINI5280 club members - thanks for coming to MITM3:
Detailers Paradise
Showcar Detailing
MINI Beotch
American MINI Mates
Way Motor Works
Defenders Of Speed
Aesthetic Creations
and of course a huge thank you to our good friends at Ralph Schomp MINI - the best MINI dealer in the USA!

Thanks again to all!
Chuck Maybee
President, MINI5280

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What a great event! Thanks to everyone that helped put it together. See you all next year!
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I just wanted to thank MINI5280, Ralph Schomp and all of the wonderful MINI vendors for another great weekend in the Colorado Mountains. Our weather may not be perfect, but our roads are the best.

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I want to say thanks to you guys for putting this event on!! I know what work goes into planning something of this size.

We appreciate the opportunity to be there!!

Thanks again!
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We can not leave out Jonathan!

Thanks to you as well, Jonathan! I totally appreciate the energy & ability it takes to help plan & MC such a function.

Rick, Jonathan, Shannon & Dianne, I was in awe of your tireless dedication to pulling off a wonderful event for all your friends of the Mini Community. Thanks for everything!
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DITTO to all that was said!!!!!!
I had such a great time & appreciate everyones hard work! Chuck, I was nervous talking the other night & didn't mention YOU when briefly speaking at the dinner.... I APPRECIATE YOU & ALL YOU DO!
Thank you to all of the vendors that came, and THANK YOU to everyone that drove miles to join us!! Like Jayme said...our weather isn't always the best (I personally think it is), but we have some of the best drives ever!!
I miss everyone already!! :(
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Thanks to everyone that made MITM '08 another fun trip for us! It's no small task to coordinate events like this and your efforts are sure appreciated!

I owe a special thanks to Way for sharing his expertise with my brake light issue. I'm prone to sudden stopping (Oh look! A chipmunk!!) so being able to warn others is nice.

See y'all next year!
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Thanks Chuck, Johnathan, Rick & MINI5280 Store volunteers for hawking my plaques!
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Great event, great vendors, fun people, great rides and wonderful MINIs. What more can you ask for on 5 days of fun.

Thank you all, I enjoyed motoring and taking pictures. Rain makes for some interesting photo and driving challenges.

A great job once again to all who came, volunteered and had good swag.

Scooter has a new M7 STB which will go on when I do a little custom trimming of the DDM CAI.
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You're welcome!

It was a team effort, but thanks for singling me out. The planning and execution gets hectic, but it's really great to see it come together with MINI and classic Mini people enjoying each other's company. The cars bring the people closer to each other (literally).

FYI: I made it home (truck/trailer) without calling attention to the troopers (CSP), but I was secretly hoping the Wendy would get stopped in the MINI. Actually I wasn't because we're on the same insurance policy. My personal thanks to all who contributed to the "Rick Gonzales Memorial Fund" (and I'm not even dead yet) on Sat. night.

The people make the difference and we enjoyed inviting MINI and classic Mini people to our backyard...
Rick Gonzales
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As said before, THANKS to all! Also to all that made the rides soooooo much fun!. Jacob (PYR8SHP) a special THX for the help on the RCKYMTNPRK run!
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

All West Coast MINIs are home and accounted for this evening.

Thanks so much to everyone that had a part in putting together such a wonderful event 5280, Schomp, CMR, all the vendors, and all the enthusiasts who make it unique and special.

I don't like saying "special thanks" because I always leave someone out...but in this case...special thanks to Jonathan for doing all you do and making us feel important and welcome; and to Shelley...because you remember our names, have a great sense of humor, make us feel good, and represent everything wonderful about MINI.

The MOST SPECIAL of Thank You's to Wes Perry, Schomp MINI TechGod for installing a new thermostat in my MINI and getting me back on the road. If I had to have a thermo failure and coolant leak...the roof of the parking garage at MITM was about as blessed a place as I can think of. Thanks SOOOOO much for fixing LilTiger!

MITM is now known in our house as our annual "relaxing" vacation. MITM2 was our first one. There were 5 MINIs from San Diego. MITM3 was our second...we brought 8 MINIs from San Diego. Next year...our goal is to bring 15 MINIs with us. Once you've attended a MITM event, you can't help but want to share it with your friends!

We saw rain....something San Diegans haven't seen in about 6 months. We heard and saw thunder and lightning...something we haven't seen in San Diego......well, ever. (OK, once every couple of years) Driving in torential rains was kinda scary...but we survived and have stories to tell!

Our MINIs have never been as dirty as they were at MITM...but that's all better now too. We arrived home this afternoon and both MINIs have been washed, clayed, waxed, and buffed.

Now to unpack suitcases.......

See you next year, everyone!!

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Thanks 5280 for all you do! We at coopercards had a great time!
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Originally Posted by Embalmer View Post
Jacob (PYR8SHP) a special THX for the help on the RCKYMTNPRK run!
Not a problem Dave, like Rick said, it's a group effort really. I was glad to help in my little ways.

Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen, this especially includes all the folks that came out to visit us. Were it not for all the motoring enthusiasts and the vendors that provide for our motoring needs, this event wouldn't be worth hosting. I'm glad to be part of such an awesome community!
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We had a great time as well, our second MITM and likewise, find that this to be our "relaxing" MINI vacation! A special thanks goes out to all of those whose time & hard work was put in to this event!

And West Coast Minis, maybe next time we will stick around long enough to learn about Dung Beetles.. LOL
Thanks for the fun drive through Colorado & Utah!
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Thank you from DoS!

Hi there. It's Clint Cope from Defenders of Speed (DoS).

I just wanted to send out yet another thank you to everyone from MINI 5280 as well as the supporting sponsors and staff who helped to make MITM 3 possible this year. I truly think that this is the most well organized national event that I attend each year. This was my first year at a national event as a vendor and I had plenty of fun with friends from the past as well as meeting A LOT of new people.

As this was the first event that DoS has attended and our first public product release, I had LOTS on my plate before arriving in Colorado. Jonathan and Rick went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me get up and running as well as tending to vegetarian meals for this Californian in a strange land.

It was great to meet-up with vendors that I met at last year's MITM as well as with some folks that I had not met before. Everyone kept a healthy and happy disposition (which was especially nice during all the brief rainshowers that made life on the parking deck ever-so-interesting this year).

Finally, thanks to everyone that stopped by and especially to those who made purchases at the booth this year. I'll make sure that DoS continues to bring a high-quality product line to the table (and that the website gets up and running this week).


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A special shout out!

Before I forget . . . I wanted to send a special thanks to the Colorado State Patrol officer who pulled me over to tell me that he'd noticed my capabilities on Highway 64 during my drive back to CA Sunday morning.

I'll send a copy of the document that the friendly officer gave me to Rick Gonzales later so we can compare notes.

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You have SUCH a way with words.
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Way Motor Works

Thanks Way, you handled an oopsie personally on a transaction error. It was my Dad's
first time at Mini event and got the Mod Bug. You were just one of many great examples
of our Mini community. Thanks for taking care of him.

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Thanks to one and all!

We may have had to skip a year, but we enjoyed our return to Copper. It was nice of you to schedule all the rain so we didn't feel we missed anything when the tropical storm hit our house while we were gone! Hope everyone else enjoyed learning to drive the southeast Texas way through torrential downpours!

Making plans to return next year. My dad just ordered his Laser Blue S and wants to come, too!

(Ordered Monty's new windscreen today. Thanks for the rock, truck.)
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Even though we did not have a car there it was great to meet so many nice MINI owners. We had a great time just visiting all the great cars on the garage. Thanks for putting on a fun event at a great place. Well done!
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This was my first MINI/Mini event so this will be my measure for future events. Thanks to the hosts, vendors, and to all of the attendees for making it a special event. I ate some good food, viewed the most beautiful scenery, drove some wonderful highways, and made new friends. See y'all next year.
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A great time as always! Thanks again to everyone involved with the event!

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