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Today 08:44 PM

And thanks for the intro Bryan!
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Today 08:33 PM

We've had customers put 250hp to them without failure.
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By: dmath
Today 08:30 PM

I'm amazed by the number of posts I read here in which a dealer/shop suggests replacing the engine. I don't think that used to be the go to diagnosis -- am pretty sure no-one ever told my...
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By: dmath
Today 08:24 PM

Visited the dealer and drove the car today. It was amazing -- drove like a new car. I couldn't believe how taut and solid it was. I bought it and will take delivery on Saturday. There was no...
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By: E34M5
Today 08:18 PM

I think you got the message too rich for most peoples blood, including mine
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Today 08:05 PM

If you need an alignment (usually because of irregular tire wear) Then the first place to call are specialty brake and alignment shops. If you have OEM suspension you can also try chain tire shops...
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Today 08:02 PM

I'm not familiar with the configuration of the back of the car. Can you show me a photo? Will send a pm also.
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Today 07:52 PM

Who are you asking? If it's me, did you read my post that has the two pictures?? Bryan
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By: rad63
Today 07:50 PM

https://inlandempire.craigsl Any thoughts? A lot of expensive parts involved.
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By: bj88
Today 07:47 PM

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Today 07:43 PM

The factory plugs are NGK, but inferior, as the price is a lot higher on the best plugs. The ones I listed are great! You may also want to use elctric cleaner on the primary plug on the coil. Also...
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Today 07:38 PM

I know we have Ebrake handles in stock m/john-cooper-works-carbon-ebrake-handle.html But will have to see if there are any knobs left.
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Today 07:38 PM

So i was playing around on and I'm liking the new BRG and leather options....
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Today 07:32 PM

Wait... you use the CIA when its cold out, and the air box when its warm? the tune isn’t meant for the air box as its air is restricted compared to the CIA the stage 3 may be able to be coded for...
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By: TG.
Today 07:23 PM

I can spend 6 second putting the top up or could take 5 minutes putting something like this on. Hmmm, let me think... Never going to happen
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By: dmath
Today 07:22 PM

I'm looking for a set of 17x7 wheels, 5x120 bolt pattern. Something like the twin spoke R124 but open to others. Prefer anthracite/black.
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Today 07:13 PM

You will get codes,if you remove it. It is easy to weld, but make sure you align them as they were, when installed, just use a magic marker to align it, when you take them both off. I cut off some of...
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Today 06:57 PM

For all direct injection motors this a maintenance issues that needs to be performed. Unfortunately, this is something that is not noted in any operator’s manual and commonly found in forums like...
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Today 06:53 PM

any idea what the shipping from FL to MA would be?
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Today 06:52 PM

Unless you want to go for a full ECU remap, the NM Power Module has a lot of happy users.
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