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Forge Quickshifter Kit Review

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Old 02-07-2017, 08:07 PM
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Forge Quickshifter Kit Review

Installed my Forge Quickshifter kit today and hopefully my experiences will help someone else thats considering doing this.

Like other Forge products I've had in the past the machining and build quality is very good. Having only taken the car around the block so far I'm pleased with the results. I have it set to the quickest setting and it takes very little movement to shift gears.

First off, this thing is a total bear to install. What likely should have only taken 20 minutes to install took over 2 hours. The tool they provide to remove the drift pin works ok, but the amount of force required started to strip out the bolt that pushes the pin. In my experience its a one and done tool, and its very clear Mini never meant for this pin to come out.

The hardest part of the whole install is setting the new drift pin in place. I tried used a vice but my bench vice wasn't near strong enough. Had to use a hammer to get it started. The biggest issue is once the arm is installed, setting the pin. The instructions say to use a hammer, but there is no where near enough room to swing a hammer with any force. I attempted to use a clamp and ended up bending the cross bar on the clamp.

I ended up having to remove the throttle body to have enough room to get a hammer in. I was only able to have success with a small sledge hammer and getting pissed off at the pin to even get it to move. I wasn't able to drive it all the way in, but its in well enough that I'm not worried about it moving or coming out. I've never had so much problem installing a drift pin.

Now that its in, adjusting it doesn't seem very difficult. There are three 10mm bolts and one clap to remove the air box. Once its out, you can pop the shifter linkage off pretty easy with a 16mm open ended wrench, which is the same size you need to use to adjust the bolt. I did find it easier to use a deep socket 16mm vs the box wrench.

I'll post back after a few days of driving to give my impressions.
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