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?Repair PARTS & Parts DIAGRAM!!

Old 08-08-2005, 02:05 AM
Michael Stokes
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?Repair PARTS & Parts DIAGRAM!!

Looking for the VIN ...
1) a) I found one stamped-number posted on a riveted silver/gray plate, with the header "ROVER GROUP LIMITED" in the boot (trunk). The plate is @ 3" square & the plate is riveted between the back end of the battery box & the rgt. rear-hinge of the trunk lid (SAXXNWAXKBD100799). The only other information that is on this plate is: PAINT = "HAM" and TRIM = "LPV" ...?
b) I found a second stamped-numbered plate (which is welded) to the top-edge of the front gill on the left front side of the engine hood latch. The number is a two-segmented number ( B20S 992893A) ...?
c) If you can tell me anything about them I would be very greatful.

2) Ok now down to what concerns me most! Help! I'm in desperate need of some Classic Mini repair parts for my 95 MINI Classic! I am a US Service person stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Repair parts here are outragiously exspensive!!! And availability is very limited.
What I'm lacking is a thourough Parts Diagram Breakdown (*parts breakout...) for the complete vehicle that will help me correctly identify the exact parts - some that I've already identified I need.
I would like to be able to identify them by their manufacture Part Name & Mfg. Part Number then search for availability & price.
The only manual I have is the "Hayes; Mini Service & Repair Manual - 1969-2001 (up to X registration)" published 2003; which does not have enough complete parts breakout / diagrams / identification, etc.

My vehicle is registered (& titled) as a 1995 Rover Mini but I have my suspicions that it is really an older vehicle that has been 're-vinned / registered' (*as a '95' in Okinawa, Japan). I need these parts to get the vehicle running again so that I can pass the compulsary Japanesse "inspection process".

(*The basic parts that I know I need NOW are; fan belts = the car is equipt with AC; right-rear break cylinder rpr-parts = it's leaking at the wheel now; a "Switch Direction indicator, BAU5345" ? = controls the turn signals & hi-beam lights. Right now, I'm only trying to get it running again - later I'll worry about tricking it out.) The engine is the 1275, automatic ... i'm told that it is fuel-injection ... the air cleaner & the carberator are located in the back center of the engine compartment.)

3) (*Prayerfully hoping to eventually be able to bring it the vehicle back to the US when I leave Okinawa sometime in 2006 (*I anticipate that I'll be stationed in Tacoma, Washington area. Anyone in that area could help with info to get the car back to the states...? See THREAD: "IMPORTING RHD MINI..."). Thanks, Michael
Old 08-08-2005, 05:10 AM
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First Quest

I think the first thing you need to do is determine what year the car really is. If it is a '95, then it isn't US legal and therefore I doubt US suppliers are going to be much help for any parts unique to a later Rover. You'd be better served to go directly to UK suppliers. Since you are out of the US that may be best al the way around. I've had good luck with MiniSport and MOSS-UK. MiniSport can also provide a very good catalog that shows pictures of parts. MOSS' catalog has great exploded diagrams. Both of these are never far from my Haynes manual. Of course other than the engine and some trim, you should most parts are the same as any MK3 or 4.

Dig around here and you'll find a copy of a pretty good VIN decoder. Funny thing tho. Decoding the VIN alone doesn't help you identify the year build. I guess you need to know the 'sequence numbers' for that. But it will identify model, engine, where built etc. & help you determine if the VIN is completely bogus.

Now I'm not sure about this, maybe someone can confirm, but it appears to me that a 'valid' VIN plate has the numbers stamped from below the plate, making them raised....that's how mine are. I've found a place that will stamp anything you want on a Leyland builders plate from the top - but if you want it stamped from underneath you need to provide documentation. My # matches MOT records I have all the way back to day 1 in 1980 for my shell so I'm pretty sure it is original - but has been relocated when the front end was replaced with frg. Original plates appear to have been held to the front rail of the body with 2 rivets. I'll send you a picture of my plate on request (PM).

I've only been playing the classic game for 13 months, so I know where you new guys are....I'm only slightly farther down the road....altho I started with a pretty solid base.
Old 08-12-2005, 09:25 PM
Michael Stokes
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VIN# Re-Pair Parts ...

Well, thanks to another MINI fan - I was able to determine (*with confortable accuracy) that the VIN# on my MINI is most likely accurate. "Mini-Mania" web-site had a break down listing of VIN's - based on that I determined that my vin# SAXXNWAXKBD100799. I did not determin the actual year the car was manufactured but according to the last 6-numbers, which is the building sequence number - maybe from that I can find out the year it was built. Mostly what Ive determined is that I will most lkely not be able to get this vehicle imported into the US ... therefore, just getting it up & running on a daily basis to sell it before I leave may become my new focus . So now my focus on finding affordable repair parts in a timely manner is my new priority.......Any ideas, anyone?
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Old 08-13-2005, 07:40 AM
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maybe do a search for minis in Australia? There's suppliers there too...
check out...

shipping may be a killer....

[you can see I spens WAY too much time online w/minis... ]
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