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We at Webb Motorsports have been reevaluating our strategies to make sure our business continues to provide the best products and services for our customers. To do that, we have prioritized the following core strategies:

Best customer service
More inventory
Best possible MINI parts
Community support
Motorsports support

We have come to realize through direct experience that a few things have to change to accomplish the most important goals for our business to grow and for our customers to be happy.

One of those is the level of direct motorsports involvement. We are going to continue to run our sponsored cars in SCCA Autocrossing (Craig Wilcox), and one company backed car in the Phil Wicks North American MINI Challenge series. In order to provide the service level I want for our company, I need to be the one who maintains the business here at home. That means that Brian will continue, hopefully on his winning streak (he has won both races to date in his class), in our road racing effort. While I have immensely enjoyed the series, and looked forward to a great race in St. Louis, the cost is just too high to run our car. This of course allows us to offer the Mule for sale - the fastest racer available. Why? As much as I don't like it, to provide the funds to develop our current product line and increase inventory, as well as develop new parts for the upcoming '07 model. Call if you are interested in the best prepped car available on the market.

Another big change here at Webb Motorsports is the future of Pulley Parties. As you know, we have built a huge customer base by traveling to a city near you to install our parts. This is a great way to meet my customers face to face and give tech info, but it simply isn't financially viable. There are also shops set up around the country as our installation and warranty support centers. We are going to have four last Pulley Parties - Northeast, Central, and California. The first is up in the air due to the lack of response. That is April 29 and 30 in Boston and Rhode Island. If you want to make this one happen, sign up here! The next will be LA on either May 6 and 7 or May 13 and 14 - check the LA sign up to request either date. We then have Cincinatti on the 20 and 21. The FINAL Pulley Party will be in the Bay Area, which has always been one of our most popular events, on May 27 and 28 - you can sign up here. I highly encourage everyone to come out, even if there aren't installs you need - I would love to see everyone a last time! We are also having a rep at the Dragon do our installs which will carry our warranty. To sign up for the Dragon, click here.

We have been working hard on the product line, and continue to introduce new parts as well as develop our current offerings. Here is a recap of the Webb Motorsports Brand parts, as well as a few new items we are working on:

Webb Motorsports Supercharger Pulley

This unit has been very consistent for us, and remains the best pulley on the market, period. It allows the installer to check final tolerance without doubt by seeing the end of the shaft through our specially designed tolerance opening. It also has the smallest rotational diameter of any 15% pulley on the market.

You can check it out here.

Webb Motorsports Crank Pulley

This unit is the lightest, and prettiest, on the market. We have very exact tolerances that are double checked after manufacturing to prevent any installation issues. I offer this in both 0% and the optimzed size for both the JCW and 15% cars.

To see more, check here.

Webb Motorsports Short Shifter

This is the most innovative short shifter available, with a locking collar design that makes it very easy to adjust, while also providing the most durable solution. We have also built a special **** for this unit - but are finishing up on the adapter that allows both the stock **** and Whalen Shift Machine to work with it.

Check it out here.

Webb Motorsports Valve Cover Badge

This is the long awaited badging that so many patient customers have been asking for. We finally have these simple press on units available to fit the MINI valve cover. We are also working on boot badging...

You can order these here.

Team Dynamics Wheels

As you have probably seen on several of the Webb Motorsports built cars, these wheels are both light and strong, and we are happy to finally offer them. Check out the full line here.

Webb Motorsports High Density Induction Box

This unit has been in high demand! We have had a bit of a production delay due to the filter supplier, but have been assured that by the end of the month, we will have as many as we could ever want. I certainly appreciate the huge response to this excellent and industry leading product, and the patience of those who jumped on board early and have waited for delivery. Soon!

Check them out here.

Webb Motorsports Extreme Rear Swaybar

This unit is the ultimate suspension piece on the market for the MINI. We have had some production delays with our second run, and expect them to arrive anytime now. We have a few outstanding orders for these, and will have more than enough to fill these and have inventory when the next production run arrives.

We have also made a few small changes to the next run to accomodate for the, uh, lack of precision in MINI manufacturing. This will make for seamless installation on any car.

Check out the swaybar here.

Webb Motorsports Preferred Rear Swaybar

This swaybar is the strongest unit on the market being forged in one piece, and is three position adjustable, has locking aluminum collars to prevent lateral movement, and retains lubricant through a unique finish on the bar surface.

Check out this part here.

Webb Motorsports Exhaust

Well, we thought we had a final version FINALLY finished on this piece, but then we threw it on a couple cars that had heads and headers, and it is still - you guessed it - too loud. We are tired of the cost put into this unit to date, so we are moving the manufacturing here, and building these in house. I will have the final machine needed by May 15, and we will have new resonators and mufflers in place by then as well. I should have a final version by the end of May. I do have four of the "V1" units we had made that I will sell. If you like aggressive, this might be for you. Call for info.

Webb Motorsports Throttle Body

This is still the highest flowing throttle body on the market. We have worked hard on the design to assure compliance with all other mods, and offer two different designs - '05 and newer and early cars. This unit was one of the first, and we have bettered the design through the years.

Throttle Body info can be found here.

Webb Motorsports Cylinder Head

This is the end all of cylinder heads in the MINI market. We have tested over 40 heads and flow benched each, and the result is the highest number in both horsepower and torque tested to date. We do not sacrifice anywhere on the power curve to get our high end power, and make great increases across the entire rev range. The head is also a relative bargain with the cam included! Our typical gains in flow are at least 27% better than stock, and a minimum of 17 horsepower.

Check out the head here.

Webb Motorsports Manifold/Runners

These units are unmatched in the MINI community. We not only port and then extrude the manifold, but we match and extrude the intercooler runners to match as well! These units are another example of our industry leading brand parts, and are a value as well at $540 for all three parts!

Check them out here.

We have several more products in the wings - a new header, the Gintani manifold/intercooler, thermal dispersion unit, belt guard, track relay guard, and several ready packages developed in conjunction with sanctioning bodies NASA and North American MINI Cooper Challenge.

We can't thank you enough for your continued support! We will continue to bring great products to the community, and I personally will be more devoted to customer support, as well as timely order fulfillment. If you have any suggestions at all, please post them on our forum here.

Sincerely to the community I know and love so much,
Randy Webb
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