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Curb Rash - fix it?

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Old 07-14-2017, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Paul S. View Post
Mini wants $220+ for a one-time wheel alignment. Thinks I'm going to Firestone and get the lifetime wheel alignment deal fer $189 No Brainer right there.
A word of caution on the lifetime alignments from non MINI shops, I had purchased one on mine from a local shop. They had all the bells and whistles and latest laser guided whatever. They had done a good job on our non-MINI"s so I thought this was the way to go. They got it up, aligned the front and gave it back to me telling me the rear was just slightly off. I asked why it hadn't been pulled back within spec and they said that they didn't have the special tool required to do MINI's.

All I have read suggests that this tool is not really required and I didn't push the issue at the time. I would push them about this before dropping for the lifetime service.
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Old 07-14-2017, 09:17 PM
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^^^ Firestone said they don't do Mini's so the best deal was going to a local tire chain with a 2 year deal at $100. The front which had the pot hole damage was okay but the backs were out of spec in which they corrected. Don't know if they had the tool or not.
The bad: They do a lot of cars, don't think they are the cleanest safest to do Mini's or any costlier cars. We came out with a fine scratch on a rear plastic wheel trim molding and rear door(f55). SAD, I got 3 more visits under the deal

The problem was it was so fine of a scratch we caught it days later washing her. I don't think she got scratched like that from some other way. Hard to prove it was their fault though
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