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Say Goodbye to Throttle Lag

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Say Goodbye to Throttle Lag

Say goodbye to throttle lag, forever.

We now carry the v3 Sprint Booster for all MINI Cooper Models! Free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee, 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Here are some reviews about the Sprint Booster:

" I LOVE IT! The throttle is much much more responsive. You actually have to get used to it a bit and feather the throttle or the car will surge. The responsiveness in P400 mode is closer to P500 mode now. I know there's no incremental power improvement here but it just feels like I added about 50 horses. The car is noticeably quicker off the line and lunches stronger with each gear change. Now the downside....I have to give this thing back to my friend. =( "

"Just installed my Sprint Booster, and i'm very pleased with the results. Took me a little more than 10 minutes to install it, and yeah I agree with you guys that it is a little scary that the whole accelerator just kind of falls out. My car feels A LOT more responsive when i touch the throttle now. Well worth the $$ i spent. "

"Y'all - I installed mine in less than 10 minutes today. Money well spent! The car really lurches forward when you touch the accelerator. It seems to me that the supercharger kicks in a little sooner also (although maybe I'm imagining this). Great product! - be careful when you first put it in though - it's pretty aggressive especially when in traffic! "

"Thanks for a great product. The car should've come like this stock, or at least been like this in S and M mode, but been subdued in Comfort mode. It is very manageable to drive, it's very fun to drive, it totally fixes the car... I should've done this 3 years ago. Before the car used to feel like it had a turbo on it, with a too large A/R and too small a compressor housing... you wait and you wait , then boost comes on, but there isn't that huge surge of power that you expect after that much lag. Now the car feels properly supercharged with a centrifugal blower... "

Get a v3 Sprint Booster for your MINI here.

Drive Hard. Drive Safe. Keep Grinning.
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