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I registered but can't post (or I didn't receive an activation email). Why?
When you registered on the site we automatically email an activation email to you. This email must be used to activate your account before you can post. If you didn't receive an email be sure to check your junk/spam folder as Yahoo, Hotmail, and others may sometimes place activation emails in that folder. Once located be sure to mark the email as not being junk/spam. Not taking this additional action will prevent private message and thread subscriptions notifications sent to you via email from being displayed in your Inbox.
How do I change my username?
Send in a request with your current username and three choices for a new username (in order of preference). We will review our records and if the username is not already taken by someone else on the forum, then we will modify your username in the order you have provided. Your original password will work with the new username.
I registered, but don't remember my username, can you help me?
Yes, please include the e-mail address you registered with (if there are a couple possibilities, send them to us so we can search our records).
What does the Neutral, 1st gear, 2nd gear, etc. seen under my username mean?
This is simply an indication of how many times you have posted to the site. There is no "prize" for getting to higher gears but it does help indicate to others on the site how long you have been on the site. Gear designations are as follows:

Gear Number of Posts
1st Gear11
2nd Gear51
3rd Gear151
4th Gear301
5th Gear 601
6th Gear1101
Help, I get a message that says my post is too short, what do I do?
This problem is related to the message editor and your browser. Follow this link to your usercp. Then scroll down to the bottom and change the message editor interface from "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing" to "Standard Editing - Extra formating controls"
How do I access the site's RSS feed?
To access the feed just use the following URL: To restrict it to one or more forums use the following:,16 In this example the RSS feed is composed of only MINI Talk and Performance Mods. To get the ids of the forums just click on the "Forums" link in the Main Menu and then hover your mouse over each of the forum links you are interested in. In the url you will see something like "f=8". The 8 is the id of the forum. As long as you create the URL as above you can have multiple RSS feeds coming from the site.

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