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rosaymaan 01-21-2018 05:30 PM

how bad is this paint damage?
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hi folks - looking at purchasing a very low mileage '06 r53 (<~25k miles). interior is perfect, but the exterior has some issues that i wanted some advice on. There are a couple minor scratches that I can live with, but the three problem areas are the hood, the rear quarter panel, and the rear inside hatch.

1) The hood has a spot dead center where the clearcoat and paint have just been worn through somewhow (see pics)

2) The inside rear hatch at the top has some paint that's peeling (See pics).

3) There is a decent size scratch on the rear quarter panel

The dealer has agreed to fix all these issues to close the deal, but I don't know /trust that they will not cheap out on the repairs just to close the deal. The SA felt confident they could fix these issues. He said they would spot/re-spray and blend the problem areas w/out needing to repaint the whole panels. So here are my questions:

1) Given the damage in the photos, are these fairly straight-forward repairs? And should i be worried they will cut corners? (i.e. should i request they repaint the whole panel?)

2) What might cause the damage on the hood/hatch and should those issues prevent me from moving forward with the purchase in general?

Thanks all!

RB-MINI 01-21-2018 06:43 PM

Without seeing the car in person, the hood likes it could be burned through from a bird crap or bug splat left too long. The white areas on the hatch look like the un-clear coated paint peeling off of the seam sealer and the quarter panel looks like it was keyed.

They will possibly spot the base, then clear just area between the stripes on the hood. If they do this without removing the stripes if they're really cutting corners. The white on the hatch will probably be spotted since its in the jambs.

On the quarter, they'll probably blend the base and clear the entire panel.

The best thing would be to ask them how each area will be repaired and post their methods on here if you're unsure if it's a recommended procedure or not.

Minnie.the.Moocher 01-21-2018 07:26 PM

I'd be suspicious of the mileage number. Also the paint inside the rear hatch? Are you getting a Pre Purchase Inspection? Looking for accident/rebuild?

ShipM8 01-22-2018 05:18 AM

I'd have a hard time buying a car from a place with streamers!

Capt_bj 01-24-2018 03:46 PM

OK ... I've sat for a couple of days to see what came up and I see squat

1. the bonnet spot looks like a bird poop or sap issue and IMO you'd do more damage to the overall paint by trying to 'fix' .... get some good rubbing compound and you can significantly reduce this.

2. The spots in the hatch lift area ..... clean 'em up good and brush on some POR if you want to go 'big dog' ..... but as mentioned this is underbody wear cuz of base with no clear ....

3. Key'd panel ..... in the long run you'd probably be better living with the scar. If they repaint the panel (the only viable option) you'll get 3 years or maybe 5 b4 the paint/clear fails ....

I do my own painting ... have some experience painting cars ....

rosaymaan 01-24-2018 04:08 PM

awesome thanks for the responses folks. I'm going back to see the car this weekend and will ask for more details on how they plan to fix. I'll report back.

LouCypher 04-07-2019 02:20 PM

Did you ever buy the car???

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