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spearmin 02-04-2019 06:27 AM

Off Road Tires for Countryman all4
Can anyone recommend an off road or simi-offroad tire that will fit a stock countryman All4. I'm looking for something like the BFG TAs or MTAs. Really just want them for the snow amd the looks for the winter. There has to be something out there....

Saltysalt 02-22-2019 12:49 PM

there is, but it will be oversized for the tires that typically come with the car. youll also have to look at 16's since most off roading tires have larger sidewalls. but you should be looking for 235 or larger 60-70 series

iwashmycar 02-22-2019 01:37 PM

205/70r16 is about as big as you can go without lifting it.


Should probably consider lifting it so it actually "completes the package". If it is in fact just for winter, get snow tires like the guy in the thread above. Offroad tires actually typically suck in snow. I'd take a highway tire anyday over an all-terrain, and especially a mud-terrain. Those are death in slush and ice.

bmwr606 04-08-2019 02:41 PM

i test fit 215/70R16 on mini oem 16x6.5 et 46 wheels. they fit no problem, no rubbing and i have the factory sport suspension.
loaded the car up with 6 people until suspension was bottomed out, no rubbing.
you can go up to 28 inch OD without a lift.
i am running 205/70R16 winter tires since 2012 (27.3 inch OD)

BDI 04-15-2019 08:31 AM

225/65r17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02

These are great in all conditions including snow. Had to slightly mod the fender lining because it would rub on full lock. Other than that, it fits and looks great without a lift.

BRG04 04-20-2019 06:40 AM

BDI, what are the specs on your wheels?

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